A Shamanic way of Being.....


Understanding that we are connected, to everything, is fundamentally the essence of shamanism. For tens of thousands of years a shamanic way of being has existed in our culture and within us. Being connected actually allows us to live life fully..... a level of consciousness that allows the enjoyment of our human experiences to flow.


Shamanic Homeopathy

Experiential timetable

A Shamanic Way of Being...........Timetable 2018


These are teachings, ceremonies and rituals performed in community, at or around my clinic.

Register your interest initially by email and I will send you more details. Thank you.


May 26th Shaman Song 10am-5.30pm


Introduction day workshop  using drumming, sound and song to find a power song within you.

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August 23-27th Holding On, Letting Go, Giving In, Moving On.


5 day workshop using shamanic practice, nature medicine walks, body work and much more. Bringing deep awareness through experiential learning, to how to be in this present moment. By shedding the past, of pain, of habits, of old ways of thinking.

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Date to be confirmed

Blindfold Walk and Way of Council


A shamanic experience - providing an opportunity to increase personal awareness and gain a different perspective  through an unsighted and silent walk in nature.

This is followed with an introduction and participation to the Way of the Council, a non-hierarchical form of deep listening and communication.

Cost £35



More events to follow....

All sessions take place at  RG9 5QG and the surrounding countryside.


Places are confirmed on receipt of full payment before each session.




One Sunday every six weeks from 1.30pm 17-23 years

No cost.


I am passionate about working with young adults. These council meetings encourage young adults to explore what it means to be an adult and how you can conconsciusly choose to live the life of your own choice.


No-one sits in council and tries to fix you....but you do learn how to listen and how your ancestors communicated. It provides a space and structure where you can find a language to express what it means to be you. Sitting in council can be funny sometimes other times not, but it is genuine.


The non-hierarchical nature of the Way of Council means that no one person has the answers. There is no religious content or judgement in Council meetings, only human compassion.

Jumping Mouse - Youth Way of Council

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