A Shamanic way of Being.....


Understanding that we are connected, to everything, is fundamentally the essence of shamanism. For tens of thousands of years a shamanic way of being has existed in our culture and within us. Being connected actually allows us to live life fully..... a level of consciousness that allows the enjoyment of our human experiences to flow.


Shamanic Homeopathy





My methodology is centred on you. I consider how you are reacting to your current state of health and the specifics of the what has bought you to see me. Detailing the deepest totality of your response as well as what is affecting you, provides me with your unique picture. Concluding which homeopathic reemdy is more pertinent to your current and historical picture of health.

This approach focuses at the root, not just on the symptoms.





People seek out homeopathy for many reasons. It may be that you have had a condition for many years and want to manage it differently, or that something new has ocurred and you want to explore what options are available. People come for many different states too, whether they are solely physical, have an emotional context or you are experiencing mental symptoms.


Initial appointments can take one and half hours, follow up appointments last up to an hour but are often shorter. I endaevour to be generous with my time so that you get a positive response from the remedies. This approach of both case taking and method comes from teachings that originate in India where homeopathy is extensively used.





Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine focusing on the totality of a person’s health. In depth consultations consider the entirety of a patient’s physical history as well as other emotional or mental responses. Founded over 200 years ago, homeopathy is now used globally. Remedies are very small doses of naturally occurring substances normally given in tablet form.


The selection of the remedy is based on the principle of ‘like curing like’, where small doses of a substance are given to create optimum health, where in large doses it causes a bodily respose which is the same in nature. This concept has been in existence since Hippocrates, but it was a German doctor Samuel Hahnemann that developed homeopathy. Dispirited by the toxic effects of medicines during his lifetime, he experimented with ever decreasing amounts of medicines and discovered that as well as the toxicity being reduced, the ‘remedies’ were more effective in smaller doses.





Origins and priniciples

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