A Shamanic way of Being.....


Understanding that we are connected, to everything, is fundamentally the essence of shamanism. For tens of thousands of years a shamanic way of being has existed in our culture and within us. Being connected actually allows us to live life fully..... a level of consciousness that allows the enjoyment of our human experiences to flow.


Shamanic Homeopathy

My role in this process is maieutic, that of a midwife so that I act as a guide in the discovery that occurs as individuls work toward health which is a reflection of who they truly are and in balance with their life choices.

Through direct experiences people explore what is working well and what is not. Whether that relates to work, careers, relationships or spiritual illumination depends on the individual.


There isnt a definitive way as each session is tailored according to the client in what they require and what has been identified as to what would enable them to move forward to a more enjoyable life.

My personal passage into shamanism is a final recognition of my lineage and the gifts that have laid within.


For the past 8 years I have been immersed in the role of student, teacher and healer using shamanic practices being trained here in the UK, the U.S and Italy. My shamanic tutelage has been with the Sacred Trust in Harner core shamanism and Golden Hummingbird using both core and indigenous shamanic techniques from around the world. I have attended advanced de-possession training with Betsy Bergstrom. In 2011 I trained with the School of Lost Borders as a Vision Quest guide and I am particularly interested in working with rites of passage and life transitions.




























I work through ritual, ceremony and the nature of the land, to provide direct experiential teachings and thus healing. I also perform shamanic healing when required such as soul and power animal retrieval.



I have been a Homoepath since graduating in 1995 after four years at the London College of Classical Homeopathy. I continue to attend UK and International trainings in homeopathy and other teachings complementary to my work. I have written articles, publically presented and appeared on TV relating to homeopathy and am currently creating a teaching course for post-graduates with a homeopathic colleague.


Initially I set up and worked for nearly nine years in High Wycombe, specialising in children and family dynamics often working with other professionals notably cranial osteopaths. Now, my clinic cottage is situated in my garden high in the Chiltern Hills and I still work alongside other professionals but treat people in all stages of life.


From almost the beginning I have followed a methodology from India which delves deeper into the ‘feeling’ which resides behind all symptoms. For me understanding how people feel about their specific condition and discerning exactly why they have come, elicits a deeper understanding of what is occurring within them, enabling me to prescribe a remedy that acts at a profound level.





Natalie Vickers LCCH RSHOM

My approach

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The merging of Homeopathy and Shamanism has resulted in a person-centred form of healing, the starting point of which is compassion. Clients can choose whether they solely use homeopathic remedies or they follow 'a Shamanic way of Being', shamanic healing ceremonies or participate in all that I offer.