A Shamanic way of Being.....


Understanding that we are connected, to everything, is fundamentally the essence of shamanism. For tens of thousands of years a shamanic way of being has existed in our culture and within us. Being connected actually allows us to live life fully..... a level of consciousness that allows the enjoyment of our human experiences to flow.


Shamanic Homeopathy


Being connected means that life can be full and meaningful. Human communities have gathered around council fires for thousands of years to deepen the connection to themselves and to each other, to the land upon which they live and to spirit. Understanding and appreciating the spirit of that which lives within everything, can open up a different way of living, one with greater compassion for both ourselves and others.








Initially using the medicine wheel teachings from both the Native American tradition and the Four Shields teaching from the School of Lost Borders, you will encounter a framework that allows your true self to be revealed to you. Working with intention and through initiation you can develop a deeper sense of who you really are. The structure of the wheel creates the action of moving forward. With compassion and realism you can learn how to deal with life situations, past or current, change habitual patterns and discover their deeper meaning. All the shamanic practices are tailored specifically to you.


I am in a maieutic role, that is, of a midwife, supporting you in the revelation of that which is latent within you. Both together and on your own, we will use the medicine wheel teachings, ritual, ceremony, storytelling and medicine walks on the land. You will experience and be guided in  shamanic journeying through differing methods. Where necessary specific shamanic healing ceremonies are performed.

Collectively these deep shamanic practices evoke a deeper level of consciousness.

These personal, grounding direct experiences can change things, perhaps leading to a massive re-ordering of your life as you become initiated into truly living your human experience and put simply you can enjoy life more.







Each person crosses this particular threshold for their own reasons. Seeking clarity about careers, managing change, resolving emotional issues, wanting to discover more about life, beginning life as an adult and seeking empowerment, the list is endless and always personal.


This method is grounded in direct experience, meaning that your discovery is sought and found through the shamanic practices with focus on ritual, ceremony and the land. It is not necessary to be part of a specific belief system, because the wonder of direct experience is that you live it, it happens within you.






I extensively use ritual and ceremony as part of my healing work, as it has great potency. I intuitively see how people feel and creatively use action, sound, music, song and dance as an integral part of the healing.


Soul/power animal retrieval and compassionate de-possession are some of the specific shamanic healing ceremonies that I use in helping people to restore their health.

Soul loss may occur where there has been an incident in life which was so painful, that part of our essence leaves us. In our modern world we might name the feeling that occurs after the loss as ‘not feeling attached', 'not fitting in’, ‘feeling lost' or ‘lacking enjoyment’. Soul retrieval healing ceremonies bring back together that which have been missing.


Other ceremonies are performed dependant on a 'diagnostic journey' which I undertake before the healing. This determines the barriers to good health or causes for illness.


A Shamanic way of Being...

Shamanic Healing

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