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Understanding that we are connected, to everything, is fundamentally the essence of shamanism. For tens of thousands of years a shamanic way of being has existed in our culture and within us. Being connected actually allows us to live life fully..... a level of consciousness that allows the enjoyment of our human experiences to flow.


Shamanic Homeopathy

What is Shamanic Homeopathy?

The merging of these two ways, provides a greater connection with mind, body and spirit and the natural world.


Modern medicines are mostly derived from nature, homeopathic remedies are too, but it is their energetic essence that is used for therapeutic use.

Shamanic practice nutures the related nature of all things whether seen or unseen, so by combining these two arts a profound understanding of both the nature of an illness and the therapeutic action of a specific remedy is revealed.

I personally undertake shamanic experiences that provides a picture of the essential nature of each homeopathic remedy when seen with a shamanic eye. This deepens my understanding in what needs to be prescribed for the client in order to aid health and wellbeing.






Often this begins with a homeopathic consultation which lasts one and half hours. What I am listening for is - how does this individual react to their condition?


When we are sick  (physically, emotionally or spiritually) we are at our most uncompensated, as we say, act, think and feel what is at the centre of ourselves. These unique combinations of expression  are part of the essence of a person, reflecting what is their current state of being.


Once physical symptoms do appear, we tend to react more openly to this state of imbalance and for each individual the manner of these reactions  and their combinations are therefore unique.  These often subtle differences are a vital aspect of what specific remedies and healing each person requires.


I gather this information in an unpredjuced and purely observational way allowing the client to be still with what needs to be spoken and to fully express how they are feeling. I use the gift of intuition to tune into the words  that are being spoken, the feelings behind them and the spirit of each individual.

This leads to a deeper understanding of what is present in the client at that moment, even if this is a reflection of events from their past.


My ethos is to only very lightly touch the story that unfolds before me so that I gain further insight into the totality of  your story without influencing it. So I say little and often only ask a few questions.

Once a remedy is selected I then use shamanic practices to diagnose what shamanic healing is necessary and would complement the chosen homeoepathic remedy. These are performed either at the beginning of the second appointment or the end of the first consultation.

Shamanic healing ceremonies are then offered  in conjunction with supporting remedies prescribed when required.

A dedicated shamanic journey to the essence of each remedy enables me to understand as fully as possible, the potential of each remedy for each individual.


The effects of shamanic healing happen immediately although it may take time for the body to re-adjust. Homeopathic remedies support the client during this time of adjustment as the physical body works its way back to optimum health.


In both Homeopathy and Shamanism the physical nature of illness is a reflection of the energetic level. A disturbance in this energetic field or energy body plays an integral role in both the root cause of an illness and how it is expressed. The shamanic way is to diagnose and perform healings ceremonies to restore health both physically and energetically. It is an ancient practice that encompasses the alignment of a person both 'inside and out'.








Once a degree of wellbeing has returned, clients often choose to move toward integrating some shamanic practices into their lives by attending either initiations through the medicine wheel or experiential healings. This can be deeply transformative as it can break through patterns of behaviour, change attachment to emotional states and provide illumination toward understanding why we act the way we do. This type of work is often known as  shamanic counselling or eco-psychology and in particular I utilize the healing power of being in the natural world. This is achieved through experiential teachings such as medicine walks, darkness work and aligning to the rhythmic and cyclical nature of the seasons.


The 'medicine wheel' is an pan-cultural structure used to further our understanding of who we are and how we can live more in tune with our deeper selves and be healthier as a result. Experiential healings involve ritual and ceremony often conducted in nature usually by the client alone, sometimes with me. All sessions are tailored specifically for each client and the starting point for all this work is compassion.


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